37th BeFe BABYFAIR - List of Exhibitors

제 33회 베페 베이비페어 참가기업을 소개합니다
Exhibitors Product Category Brand Hall - Booth No. Korea Brands
2L&K Skincare BEBELUNA B-A115
2iLAB Baby bottle Tommee Tippee A-D235
360perspective Skin care products Mongdies B-A230
AIN L&D Fall prevention bumper cusions, Seat belt cushion, 3D air mash blanket sets KANGARURU B-A200
AMBIENT LOUNGE Baby towels, Kids bean bags ambient lounge, Terry Palmer A-G155
ARAMBOOKS Educational Products ARAM A-G230
ARIBEBE Bedding, Maternity pillows ARIBEBE B-A260
All for Home Kids bedding products All for Home B-B130
B&C company Baby bottles, Soother, Feeding sets, Blankets, Hairpin, Baby teethers, Dolls, Diapers Suavinex, kit&kin B-B210
BEBECOOK Baby food, Health functional food BEBECOOK A-F210
BINI&CO. Diapers Applecrumby A-H144
BLUE RABBIT Educational products, Books Moulin Roty B-C240
BM KOREA Baby colic prevent warmers, Bamboo maternity goods, Belly warmers, Baby socks AGADDONG B-A244
BORYUNG biopharma Storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells brcellbank A-E265
Babizkorea Maternity goods(underwear, nursing cushion/bra), baby clothing, baby carriers mothersbaby, angel B. B-C150
BabyBjorn Baby carriers, Bouncers, Feeding products, Bath Products BABYBJORN B-C230
Bebe Primo Strollers, Car seats, High chairs, Baby booster Peg perego A-D220
Bebest Baby food, Barley tea, Snacks Bebest B-B215
BestGoods Refiller plastic bag MagicBest Refill B-B145
Bexpharm Korea Skincare products, Probiotics Lactybalance, Propolis, Naobay B-B120
Bloommaternity Maternity underwear, Swimwear, Yoga outfit Bloommaternity B-A222
Blue Care Baby bottle sterilizers upang A-H207
Blue Rabbit Educational products, Books Blue Rabbit B-C220
Bonitabebe Bedding, Bumper beds Bonitabebe B-C160
CEO International Handmade Soaps, Skincare Rampal Latour B-B160
CHABiotech Cell bank icord A-D205
CHUNGDAMEUN Baby food, Snack, Fruit juice FARM TO BABY B-C225
CREDERE Strollers, High chairs, Car seats Inglesina, seec A-E160
CUCKOO Rice cooker, Water Purifier, Air Purifier, Electronic range, Clothes driers CUCKOO B-B110
CUTCO Korea Kitchen supplies CUTCO B-B132
CUZ Stroller Accessories CUZ A-H152
D.THRONE Baby Cars, Strollers D.THRONE A-F140
DAIICHI S&B Car seats, Baby carriers DAIICHI A-E140
DUCLE Strollers, Car seats SOONSUNG, Qtus A-F260
Da Won Company Birth and baby products Merebe premium B-A112
Dear_Ange Wooden teething tots DEAR_L'ANGE B-B124
Designknob Beddings, Clothes, Dolls minkelepang B-A224
Dong Sung Bio Pharm Probiotic lactobacillus, Allergy Blocker BioGaia, ATO24 B-A216 B-A220
DrawingBaby Body pillow, Baby suit, Bedding, Clothes DrawingBaby B-B136
EGM International Disposable Diapers, Wet wipes Bambo Nature A-H200
ENLIVING Baby beddings BEBEDECO B-A104
Efolium Baby carriers, Strollers, Detergent ergobaby, BLANC101 A-D215
English EGG Educational products English EGG A-G120
F&D Net Probiotics, Vitamin D, Multi-vitamin, Nutritional supplements LACFIDO B-B200
FILLMORE Strollers, Car seats CYBEX A-F240
FILLMORE Strollers, Car seats gb A-E260
FOOD CARE Baby formula/foods Foodcare eusik B-A118
FROEBEL Educational products FROEBEL B-C120
Freshbell Fruit juice PAPAI A-H124
GC LabCell Cord blood bank GC LabCell Cord Blood Bank B-C250
GGUMBI Bumper beds, Play mats, Folder mats, Bedding, Skincare GGUMBI, LICOCO, MIMIRU, organic ground A-F100
GIRJAESOFT Application, 3D Figures, Commemorative coin, VR Fetus aluvuu A-H150
GREATBOOKS Educational Products GREATBOOKS A-G225
Gang Chung Eco-friendly Soap, detergent Gang Chung B-A240
GoGreen life Baby bottles, Straw-cups GROSMIMI A-D140
GoGreen life Liner, Blanket, Pillow, Rug Bebe Smith A-G150
Greencross wellbeing Bobini Skincare bobini B-C255
Guhee Corp Baby bathing, Detergents rotho baby, frosch A-H102
Gyeongbuk Farm Fruit juice, Chip Gyeongbuk Farm B-B166
HALOWORLD Bumper beds, Bedding, Clothing, Fabric goods PETITLAPIN, PETITBABEE B-B100
HANSUNG COMPANY Baby bottle, Baby products tgm B-A116
HOHO company Beddings, Sleeping pads, Blankets, Pillow covers comma,c A-H120
HOO Rattle, Clip, Rug, Bicycle BRUM BRUM BIKE, MiniKnots, Natursutten, Cheengoo A-H122
HOWON COMPANY Thermometers, Feeding sets, Bags BRAUN B-A212
HUGPAPA Baby carriers HUGPAPA A-H116
HWAJIN NATURAL Ceramic&Silicon Cookers, Feeding sets BLUE MAMA A-D120
Haenim Baby bottle sterilizers, Breast pumps, Strollers, Hip seats, Nursing lamp eLsoL, Haenim A-H216
Hansol Education Educational Products FINDEN A-G100
Health Balance Baby foods, Snacks, Probiotics, Beverages ALVINS B-C270
Hug Me Mommy Baby clothing, Accessories Hug Me Mommy A-H154
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Fetal/Child insurance Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance B-B220
I-JOA FAIRY Bumper beds, Bedding, Play mats JOATTE A-F200
IBK Tax-free savings program, Financial products IBK A-D200
ICS Fabric goods alloang B-A204
IN THE FOREST Phytoncide Theraphy, Sprays, Soothing gels, Baby lotions, Toothpastes, Soaps, Hair products, Diffusers IN THE FOREST B-A100
INP Baby products EDISON A-G240
J&O Corporation Eco-friendly detergent, skin care Good night baby, ecostore A-H140 A-H144
JD HOMEDRESSING Wooden calender, Baby gym JD HOMEDRESSING B-B133
JD international Nasal aspirator nosiboo B-S100
JMINTL Pronto Wagons, Wego Wagons CHIC4BABY A-F120
JOHANSON LIFE Glass baby bottle, Table ware JOHANSON bebis B-B164
Jin Han Industry Baby feeding sets, Cutting boards doble A-H100
KO&CO Strollers, Baby bottle X-lander, hegen A-E230
KOREA NEW TECH AS-Kids Kids shower heads AROMA SENSE KIDS B-A236
Kidsaone Montessori Educational Products Kidsaone Montessori B-C180
Kongi.com Storage box for baby goods, Photo album, Milestone blocks Som*Som Market B-B131
LG Electronics home appliances LG Electronics B-C170
M&B Maternity underwear, Clothes, Clothing, Belts mom's day, mother is A-G245
MAMACHI Silicon baby bottles, Skincare products MAMACHI B-A264
MC Enterprise Strollers, Car seats RECARO, anex A-E240
MEDIPOST Storages of umblilical cord blood cell CELLTREE B-C210
MK Global Feeding sets, Bibs Everyday baby A-H210
MOMSMOM Car seats, Baby food makers, Snacks, Skincare products, Toys, Clothing, Bedding ONO2, tartineetchocolat, B&B, Upis, Dr.ato, Yookidoo A-G160
MORETHAN RABONG Baby clothes, Hat, Hairbands MORETHAN RABONG B-B140
MOTHER-K Antibacterial baby zipperbags, Milk powder storage kits, Baby bottles, Straw-cups, Hygienic goods (Baby detergent, Wash bags, Wet wipes) MOTHER-K B-C110
Made by mom LIKU edu mats, design mats LIKU B-A210
Marriott International Management Company B.V Anniversary services Marriott International B-B240
Meritz fire Fetal/Child insurance Meritz fire A-F110
Mind control Baby Studio sensitive plus B-B250
Moinee Bathroom sink cushion hippih A-H156
Momsumer Lab Skincare Yallacha, GNST B-A266
Murmur Korea Baby bathing bed, Sponges, Skincare products murmur A-G215
NAEBRO Eco-friendly snacks, Fruit chips, Organic food, Barley tea PURE-EAT B-A107
NAOS Korea Skincare products ABCDerm by BIODERMA A-D230
NCBCOREA Wooden Cutting Boards Nature's Cutting Boards B-B126
NE neungyule Educational products i-challenge A-G130
Naul Bib, Baby table ware Bumkins, Babycubeplus B-A250
Nestle Gerber Baby foods Gerber A-F230
Nestle illuma Baby milk, Dry milk illuma goldendrop3 A-E235
Neuru Baby clothing LANGSOM A-H142
P&G Diapers Pampers B-B205
POGNAE Hip seats, Baby carriers POGNAE B-C245
POLED Strollers, Car seats POLED A-E200
PREBEBE Strollers, Car seats Fedora A-F130
PRIMETECH Ultraviolet sterilizer Vray, CamelRubber B-B122
PUTECH Baby chairs, High chairs Jellymom, Bodeul, leberceau A-G250
Petite Belle Baby dresses, Clothing and accessories, Baby shoes Petite Belle B-B137
Petitelin Baby bottle, Attached doll, Beddings, Baby table ware Leap Frog, Milo&Gabby, moyuum, elava, OK BABY, jellycat B-B225
Poseion Shower heads Poseion BT100 B-B162
PuttiAtti Silicon baby bottles, Straw cups, Spout cups, Teething tots, Feeding tools, Brushes Puttiatti B-B230
SAFIAN Strollers, Car seats britax, orbit, Harvey, charley, Mini buggy A-D260
SCANDIMOM Bedding, Baby swaddles, 3D cushions SWADDLE SUIT A-H204
SELIM INT Baby swimming product(neck tubes), Baby pool swimava A-H134
SK magic Water Purifier, Air cleaners, Bidet, Electric range SK magic B-C100
SKY ENTERPRISE KOREA Stroller, Car seats Thule, Swandoo A-E250
SOOSAN CMC Sterilizers, Bodywash, Handwash Purebble, Medilox B-B152
STOLLEEN Baby beds, Attachment Dolls, Leander baby beds, Furniture Leander, STOLLEEN A-H106
SUMI Diapers, Wet tissues, Sanitary pads Naturelovemere A-D130
Samil pharm Brufen syrup, Chika chika liq. Brufen Syrup for Children A-D210
Seahandco Baby beddings, table ware RED CASTLE, HEROBILITY A-H132
Silver Fox Strollers, Car seats Silver Cross A-E120
Soopsori Wooden Beds/furnitures/toys Soopsori A-H213
Stokke Korea Strollers, High chairs, Furniture Stokke A-E100
Suim International Air Purify Vacuum, Homecare vivenso B-A226
THE BAMBOO Bamboo cloth diapers, Waterproof play mats, Gauze hankies, Bath towels, Bibs, Panty liners bamboo-bebe B-C140
THE HI Organic rice chips, sticks, Frozen-dried fruits(yogurt, chips, cheese), Organic Cereals bebedang B-A262
Ted Atopic dermatitis pillow, Organic attached doll, Phytoncide pillow, Napblanket MongSure B-A254
The Minou Baby clothing the minou B-A214
Trust Baby Strollers, Potty Evenflo, SwaddleMe, Summer Infant A-D225
UZINMEDICARE Breast pumps, Baby bottle sterilizers, Baby bottles, Nursing supplies SPECTRA A-D110
VERY ISLAND Baby beddings, Birth supplies VERY ISLAND B-B143
Vinda Korea Diapers Libero A-E130
WILDALP KOREA Strollers, High chairs MIMA A-D100
Weleda Korea Skincare WELEDA A-E135
Wellnessintelligence Postnatal care centers & postpartum caretakers Mother & baby B-A206
Winnie Connie Inflatable baby supplies, Inflatable toys Nai-B A-H126
Wiz T&T Baby diaper inner cleanser, Kids&Mom sensitive cleanser, Skincare Kori in J island A-H104
WoongJin Coway Water Purifier, Air cleaners, Bidet, Electric range WoongJin Coway B-B265
WorldFamilyEnglish Korea Educational Products Disney World of English A-G220
Yoo Hye Rim Design Play House Wooden blocks oioiooi B-B141
Yuhan Kimberly Nursuring products, Feeding sets, Maternity products, Detergents, Wet wipes, Dipers, Strollers Double Heart, MomQ, Green Finger, Huggies, Dr.momming A-G200
Yuyu pharma Nasal lavage, Nasal suction PHYSIOMER B-S200
aggiebadang Blankets, Clothing, Baby Bibs, Baby Hats aggiebadang A-G210
aone Strollers, Car seats, Bouncer, Baby beds, High chairs RYAN, JOIE, NUNA A-F160
ariabebe Baby Shoes ariabebe B-B144
babypastel Photo albums, Frames babypastel A-D240
bebeclair Baby mats, Bumper beds bebeclair B-A109
c2mnew energy Baby cars, Tricycles, Rocking horses, Kick boards, Baby room c2mnew A-E110
dami Freeze-Dried fruit chip ichibiya B-A202
dasol Mother’s Belly Stretch Mark Cream, Baby's skincare products, Atopic skin cream plagentra A-F125
dodami Straw-cups, Feeding sets, Bedding, Hip seats, Wet wipes, toothpaste b.box, redroot B-C200
ercohs Baby food LUSOL A-F220
good for us Baby hats, Clothings, Birth clothings good for us B-B134
hibabyclub Baby socks, Tights hibabyclub B-A242
hwajinmoltech Baby food tray nestique B-B156
i-angel Hip-seat carriers i-angel B-C260
i-vision Diapers Rascal + Friends B-B115
jessicamood Maternity clothes, Underwears, Clothing jessicamood B-B147
junghwan Baby bottle sterilizers, Bath RayQueen A-H136
le-bebe Baby blankets, Waterproof blankets, Nursing cushion, Pads, Handkerchiefs le-bebe B-A234
mamaforest Baby dish washing detergents, Baby bottle detergents mamaforest B-B135
mamanblanc Baby beddings, Birth products mamanblanc B-B150
merrybonbon Baby beddings, Dolls merrybonbon A-H110
mooroo Diapers, Bedding, Organic clothing, Towels, Bamboo product, Waterproof blanket mooroo A-G255
mowabu Strollers, Car seats Mamas&papas, Nado pro, Xero A-E255
octoinc Noise protective mats, TPU/PU mats bombommat A-E245
pluslife Lounge wear Softlife A-H130
prahaus Maternity underwears, Maternity supplies prahaus B-A252
prndle Baby instant soup, Cheese, Rice crust, Baby table ware prndle B-A256
seoro Fabric goods, Beddings(charcoal, latex) ipposong B-A246

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